Workplace Investigations

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OpusRed workplace investigators are senior lawyers with wide-ranging experience conducting investigations for private and public sector organisations. OpusRed seeks to make the investigation process as efficient as possible through effective communication with all relevant parties.

The OpusRed difference is our legal expertise – we have a strong understanding of the technical requirements and pitfalls of conducting investigations that can withstand scrutiny, in accordance with your organisation’s policies and procedures. Our clients can rely on the objective, sound reasoning and quality of our reports and, unlike those provided by other investigation firms, our investigations can be conducted under legal professional privilege.

For employers

OpusRed is experienced in conducting investigations for employers into a broad range of workplace matters, including:

  • allegations of employee misconduct that, if proven, could result in disciplinary action
  • allegations or issues that could result in legal risk or reputational damage to an employer, such as bullying, discrimination or sexual harassment
  • employee grievances against other employees, managers or officers

For law firms

OpusRed is pleased to work with other law firms to provide timely, quality workplace investigation services for your clients, giving you the ability to advise and act on their behalf.

The OpusRed difference is that our lawyers have the technical expertise to provide investigation services you can trust.  By engaging OpusRed, you can feel comfortable that our process has been fair and thorough and our reports contain findings with objective and sound reasoning.

Investigation services

OpusRed offers various workplace investigation services to cater for the needs and preferences of your organisation. OpusRed can conduct an independent investigation or preliminary review of the issues, or work in an advisory role in partnership with your in-house team.

OpusRed would be pleased to discuss fixed price costing for these services, to be agreed in advance of commencement of any investigation or review.  A fixed price would include an initial meeting to ascertain the scope of the investigation or review, any internal policies or procedures that apply and the required timeframe.

1. Full Investigation Service

OpusRed offers a Full Investigation Service, which involves the management by us of the whole process from start to finish, until we provide you with a final report.

Once we have had an initial meeting with you, you may nominate a person to be the point of contact within the organisation. OpusRed then manages and conducts all aspects of the investigation, including:

  • defining the scope of the investigation and drafting allegations
  • identifying possible sources of evidence, such as potential witnesses and documents
  • drafting necessary documents, such as confidentiality undertakings
  • witness interviews
  • drafting witness statements
  • review of relevant documents
  • analysis of evidence and issues with reference to your organisation’s policies and procedures, if any
  • preparation of a written investigation report containing a summary of key evidence, reasoning and findings
  • attending an investigation de-brief meeting or conference

2. Preliminary Reviews

In some cases, it may be unclear whether an investigation is necessary or appropriate.  For instance, where a complex and long-running workplace grievance or conflict exists, it may be difficult to ascertain the next steps to deal with or resolve the issues.

A Preliminary Review can assist you to identify the critical issues and to decide the appropriate way forward. Depending on the nature of the issues, a Preliminary Review may include:

  • discussions with relevant managers
  • an analysis of the history of the issues and relevant documents
  • an interview or conference with the aggrieved person or persons

OpusRed can provide a preliminary report summarising the issues and suggesting an appropriate course of action or options available.

3. Investigation Advisory

Some organisations have the capacity to conduct workplace investigations themselves and may simply require advice at various stages of a particularly complex or difficult investigation. OpusRed can work with your in-house team to advise you on investigation-related matters, including:

  • ascertaining key issues and allegations
  • investigation or communication strategies
  • procedural fairness issues
  • drafting/reviewing letters to parties
  • advice on legal principles relevant to investigations
  • advice on appropriate actions following the investigation
Please contact us if you would like to have a fee-free, no-obligation discussion regarding your requirements.