Banking & Finance

Banking and Finance pictureOpusRed lawyers have acted for domestic and foreign banks, asset-based lenders, and companies seeking advice on security positions with lenders. We recognise businesses are sometimes placed under significant pressure from banks and other lenders to continue to secure their positions for further finance. We endeavour to assist those clients in ensuring that the best commercial solution can be reached between lenders and customers without over-committing to achieve unrealistic goals.

OpusRed can advise clients generally on their security position, provide formal reviews of security, determine if security has been properly registered on the Personal Property Securities Register and is valid and enforceable, undertake title searches and review mortgages, leases and valuations required by lenders to secure further funding.

OpusRed is also able to assist secured lenders who wish to secure their position in the form of a formal security deed or guarantee or by registering mortgages over assets and real property.

OpusRed is also able to draft or review all relevant security documents and advise on legal charges, debentures and personal and corporate guarantees, as well as draft or advise on default notices and demands served by lenders.

Due to Sam Pandya’s experience in insolvency law, OpusRed is able to assist insolvency practitioners and banks with regards to a company’s security position in insolvent situations. We are able to prepare the relevant appointment and indemnity documents and advise generally on a company’s security and trading position and prepare and file all relevant statutory forms with regulatory bodies.

If you are a company, secured or unsecured lender, please contact us for a fee-free, no obligation discussion about your requirements.